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                                   DISBALANCE IN THE SYSTEM OF THE RUSSIAN LAW SOURCES:                                     ACTUAL PROBLEMS AND WAYS OF ELIMINATION


Belousov Sergey Aleksandrovich, Candidate of juridical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of state and law theory, Saratov State Law Academy (1 Volskaya street, Saratov, Russia),

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Background. The topicality of the article’s subject is determined by importance of integrating of different sources of law into a united system for legal development of the state. The goal of the article is to show up the most urgent problems of disba¬lance in the system of the law sources and to search ways of its elimination.
Materials and methods. Implementation of the research objectives was achieved through analyzing the legal norms of the Russian legislation. The theoretical base was composed from works by theorists of law of the pre-revolutionary period, the soviet period as well as by our contemporaries. The methodological potential included general scientific methods (dialectical method, analysis, synthesis) and special scientific methods (systematic, technical and comparative legal ones).
Results. The research resulted in development of a model of interaction of sources of law. The discussion about declaration of the judicial practice as a source of the Russian law was analyzed. The merits and demerits of contractual regulation of social relations were considered. The peculiarities of using a legal custom and a legal doctrine as sources of law in the modern Russian conditions were underlined.
Conclusions. The author came to the conclusion about an increase of importance of other sources of law, besides normative legal acts, in the national legal system. The list of obligatory conditions for maintenance of balance between different sources of law with the purpose of stabilization of the legal system of the society has been suggested.

Key words

legislative disbalance, disbalance in the legal system, source of law, form of law, «nonconventional» sources of law, normative legal act, normative agreement, legal custom, judicial practice, legal doctrine.

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